Our personal perspective on the journalism ecosystem can be expressed in this phrase: “the world of journalism has dramatically changed: all media has to consider the source of information, network, data and interests of the people; not only to gauge the right content, but also the right business model.

We have already identified which 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms Are Critical To Know, and it’s clear that this phenomena will be one of the most important trends of 2017.

This article underlines How to Find the Right Social Media Influencers using ROIALTY, thus highlighting the differences with  other influencer marketing platforms, as well as their algorithms. Recently, ROIALTY launched Social DNA! Social DNA is a new way to discover followers’ interests that enable brands to discover not only their influencers but also the interests of a specific follower base.

Why does Journalism Need an Influencer Marketing Platform?

The role of a journalist has deeply changed over the last few years, because blog proliferation, ads, and social media have provided a new channel of information, which has dramatically increased. Philosophist Luciano Floridi defined this ecosystem as an infosphere.

Journalist challenge the world by providing factual news and fact checking, but the whole communication sphere has consequences that directly impact business models.


Influencer Marketing Platform

Figure 1 Influencer analysis: Go deeper into influencer knowledge – One Voice

What are the problems of journalism?

The spinneret of news is very long, and if we think of journalists as producers of news, then we have to account for costs  that go towards maintaining the sustainability of the entire system of information. If we go in this direction, then we also should consider the media center dealerships within the advertising field, and publishers.

What are the main assets that journalism doesn’t leverage?

The shear phenomena of the influencer has a great impact on this sector, because in today’s world anyone can be considered a producer. For example, there are often singular users that use new blogs or fan pages to catch the attention of billions of users. In this game, the influencer has the ability to lead the news in  a specific direction. This implication suggests that all media, publishers and journalists should consider this route as a key networking tool.

How to find social media influencers

Network: While some people deny the power of networking and find it a waste of time, others see the value and take a step towards this new concept of networking. Networking consists of finding individuals, such as friends of journalists, bloggers, and even other journalists, within your field of interest . Having a platform that detects all the potential people or influencers that can increase a company’s news reach is a must!

Be an Expert: Journalists are constantly looking for experts on the subject matter they’re covering. With this being said, you need to become a well-known authority within your field in order to be viewed as a legitimate source when big news happens within your industry. A good starting point would be building your own industry-related blog, setting up lectures at a local university, and trying to get articles published in industry related magazines or journals.

Digital PR: Digital PR Activities are becoming one of the most important assets in transmitting a basic strategy geared towards a networking society. As always, there are traditional systems that resist the need for change, and demonstrate this with their low ability to adapt to solutions in a new environment. Change is inevitable, in order to grow in today’s society!

Brands and Journalism are over

In the last few years, brands are becoming more media oriented. This is because a sustainable model based on social media influencers for brands have increased the news about some topics that aren’t relevant to their products or services.

Social media intelligence platforms allow brands to apply editorial solutions such as infographics, video storytelling, report, and observatories that became content that reaches a brand’s awareness and positioning goals.

In conclusion, the main problem of media is the content being produced! Being able to find the right social media influencer by screening their profile or fan page,  allows  to recruit a new network that’s focused on a specific topic. They’re able to produce low cost content while simultaneously increasing performance. All thanks to  their network.