A major asset of ROIALTY Platform is the opportunity it creates to segment an audience and uncover specific insights. Infact, just two weeks ago ROIALTY launched its newest tool called Audience Intelligence: a powerful tool for marketers to use for building the perfect brief while at the same time optimizing their social media advertising.

Interests, locations, demographics, and top account activities represent crucial elements needed for brands to reach the right audience, optimize performance and achieve higher conversions.

“Discover your own and your friends’ Social Media DNA” is the claim of the latest tool developed by ROIALTY that enables users to find out more about their own social interests and those of their followers.

How Social DNA works.

Using Social DNA is very simple: you start with a Twitter login and our algorithms calculate the weight of all interactions: e.g. Brands, Media and Top Accounts.

Each user can initially analyse up to four friends using Social DNA, after that it is possible get more user insights by posting an automatic ‘Tweet Me’ mention towards specific friends via the Social DNA app.

Hurry! Try your first Social DNA analysis for free. Play and learn more about your friends!