Know your audience

Roialty audience analysis and clustering solutions help brands know their
target audience, build marketing strategies and optimize their social advertising.

OneTarget Features


roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsFind and engage the right influencers
Identify the right people and turn them into advocates.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsOptimize your content
Always reach the right people at the right time with the right content.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsPersonalize your marketing campaigns
Create profile-driven customer experiences and engage users with the most suitable content.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsBoost your Twitter Ad campaigns
Segment your ideal audience and give wings to your Twitter Tailored Audience.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsMaximize social engagement and performance
Measure and optimize your social media strategy and determine which of your content and campaigns work.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsReduce customer acquisition costs
Spend less, better, by creating hyper-targeted campaigns.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsGet consumer insights
Get significant insights in real-time about any product, topic or content.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsSpot new market opportunities
Discover target segments and business opportunities by deeply understanding your market.

Marco Magnaghi

Maxus Global

“Roialty is the most effective way to show in practice how Big Data lead to Big Insights. Fast, effective, and highly recommended.”

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