The core of the Roialty Platform is a REST-like interface that allows you to:

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Create and run agile, intelligent applications by maximizing Roialty platform features.

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Integrate with your CRM, DMP and Marketing automation tools.

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Integrate with 3rd party events/data feeds.

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Boost engagement and improve loyalty and retention while learning more about your customers.
Leverage our Loyalty APIs to fully customize your loyalty driven user experience, all from an intuitive admin UI.

Loyalty APIs are designed for customization and flexibility, making it easy to match the look-and-feel of any type of website or mobile app.

These APIs provide complete insight into user behavior from reporting actions, to getting user loyalty stats, to providing leaderboard data.

Additional 1st party or 3rd party user actions can also easily be recorded via the Loyalty API.

The Loyalty APIs allow to interact with Roialty OneExperience back-end and its objects:

  • Users
  • User’s Attributes
  • Campaigns
  • Collections
  • Missions
  • Mission Actions
  • Rewards (coupons, badges, material and digital prizes)
  • User’s Mission Actions
  • User’s Reward Assignments
  • User’s Activities
  • Notifications


by capturing additional identity data progressively as your customer relationships develop

Progressive profiling API
Customize registration forms to match the look and feel of your brand and maximize conversions and insights by capturing additional data after registration.

Social login API
Let users sign up for and log into accounts with social credentials and increase registration rates, while gaining access to permission-based, first-party identity data.

Roialty Customer Data APIs allow to interact with Roialty OneCustomer back-end and its objects:

  • Users
  • User’s Attributes
  • User’s Interests
  • User’s Activities
  • Tags
  • Segments
  • Activity rules
  • Event types


Roialty Data Platform offers a set of APIs that allow to interact with the data platform itself and with all the contents stored in your projects.

Through the APIs it is possible to export, in json format, any content of interest. The APIs are dedicated webservices, through which you can obtain both massive data (all the contents of a project), and partial data (tags or topics).

The scalability and performance of the APIs are completely comparable to those of the system itself. In fact, Roialty OneVoice shows the data using the same API for structuring acquisition queries, for the creation of tags, for the export of the contents and for all its features.

Data APIs allow to interact with our Data Platform back-end and its objects:

  • Queries
  • Feeds
  • Tags
  • Tag values
  • Social Entities
  • Clips
  • Views
  • RSS
  • Agents
  • Analysis