Reinvent The Retail Experience

ZeroCoda in a smart appointment system embedded with a Customer Data Platform. It helps companies managing access, deliver personalized promotion & services, and improving customer knowledge and relations.


Solutions Features

Boost your CXBooking calendar
Improves flow management by helping in planning activities

Create just-in-time experienceDouble booking mode
Online and offline booking to include customers who do not use digital devices

Enrich your CRM dataMultiple queue function
Simultaneously manages and coordinates diversified services and/or dedicated spaces

Increase in-store traffic Interactive experiences
Enriches the waiting experience with feedback, surveys and incentives

Be part of your communityData ownership and customer knowledge
Ensures GDPR data ownership and improves CRM through social login (Enterprise)

Encourage virtuous behaviorAPI integration
Integration with existing digital touch points


Why ZeroCoda Retail?

ZeroCoda allows customers to choose their most suitable time to go to a store and book appointments that match their daily commitments.






Reservation managed in 2020



Ready to reinvent your Covid-19 Retail Experience?