Roialty’s last blog post provided useful information on social influencers and in many industries social influencers are very important when working with Instagram. This goal can be achieved with Roialty’s new “The Instagram Tracker” tool.

This solution is related to Roialty’s OneVoice, and focuses on hashtag tracking to produce relevant Instagram insights.

To better understand what Instagram Tracker can do, we analyzed Instagram insights pertaining to the hashtag #motogp the last few days. These results  provide us with valuable information on the new season of MotoGp.

First of all, we can discover and narrow down where in the world this specific hashtag is being tweeted from. Figure 1 shows the top 3 countries that published the most volume of pictures and videos were Qatar, Indonesia and USA.

Content Location


Figure 1 Location

The day with largest amount of posts was March 26, and consisted of roughly 2K pictures and 164 videos (Figure 2)

Instagram Tracker

Figure 2 Activity Over Time

Figure 3 helps identify  the day with the highest  number of Instagram interactions,  and that was shown to be March 24 with 53K interactions.


Hashtag Tracking

Figure 3 Engagement Over Time

A particularly higher peak of instagram engagement was generated thanks to a post by @gopro, and consisted of a Valentino Rossi board video.

So, now we can uncover who starred with the most engaging contents. Figure 4 uses Instagram Tracker to display the Instagram Stars of hashtag tracking, and the Top 4 were shown to be: GoPro, MotoGP, Leonardo Bonucci and CycleLaw.

Instagram Free Tools

Figure 4 Engaged Stars

This newly advanced tool can also show the top Instagram users mentioned on posts consisting of the hashtag #motogp, as shown in Figure 5.

Instagram Tracking

Figure 5 Users in photos

Posts that generated the most relevant number of interactions are featured in Figure 6.

Most Relevant Interactions

Figure 6 Top Contents

Instagram Tracker can also perform a deep analysis on correlated hashtags pertaining to #motogp.

Figure 7 reveals the most recurrent mix of hashtags were:

  • #motogp AND #valentinorossi AND #vr46
  • #motogp AND #ducati AND #honda
  • #motogp AND #honda AND #suzuki

Correlation Hashtag

Figure 7 Hashtags Correlation

Within the correlated hashtags, we can argue that #qatargp, #suzuki and #motorcycle generated the most relevant number of interactions (likes and comments). See Figure 8.

Engagement Leaders

Figure 8 Level of Hashtag Engagement

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