OneExperience is the Roialty product geared toward creating personalized gamification and digital loyalty programs. This product is equipped with more than 20 customized mission templates that are categorized by different goals:

  • Profile Users
  • Engage Users
  • Increase Awareness and New Users Acquisition
  • Incentivize Users’ Content Generation
  • Extend Loyalty Programs

Some of OneExperience missions ask users to answer different styles of surveys and multiple choice questions (trivia), watch videos, upload preferred contents and complete their profile.

The newest feature that increases awareness and users acquisition for each type of contest is categorized as “social mission”. Users will be asked to share contents on their social accounts: each completed social mission awards the user with points, enhanced rewards and playable codes for tweeting content or a specific hashtag as in Fig. 1, retweeting a tweet as in Fig. 2, following a twitter account, liking a Facebook post and much more!


Fig. 1 – Social Mission: Tweet a selected hashtag


Fig. 2 – Social Mission: Reweet

This is the full set of Social Missions now available on OneExperience:

Favorite Tweet
Tweet a Mention
Tweet a Specific Hashtag
Follow a Twitter Account
Tweet a URL
Tweet a Text
Like a Facebook Post
Comment on a Facebook Post
Like a Fan Page

Roialty also recently released the
Code Campaign and Instant Win Contest, both were used for Coop Alleanza #1milionedi: Coop Alleanza customers had the chance to play retail codes and get rewards through the brand new OneExperience Instant Win feature.

How it works?

The user plays a code in the Instant Win Campaign as in Fig. 4


Fig. 4 – Play a Code

The user get an immediate feedback if he/she won a reward (as in Fig. 5).

Reward assignment is based on random algorithms that can be customized for any contest.


Fig. 5 – Instant Win

Other codes can be earned by playing digital missions: the code will be a prize by itself, as shown in Fig. 6. This code can be immediately played for an instant win. Good luck!


Fig. 6 – Prize Code