A recent survey revealed 84% of marketers will plan at least one influencer related marketing campaign within the next 12 months. One of the most important trends of 2017 is  “Audience First”! As a result, the opportunity to create branded content through native advertising campaigns has increased.

Community detection and relationship mapping became two of the main topics marketers are eyeing in on. There are several digital tools capable of finding social media influencers, while simultaneously detecting their audiences. ROIALTY is a platform based on a user centric approach, and allows marketers to find top influencers within a specific topic or knowledge domain.

Who is a Brand Influencer?

A brand influencer is a profile that demonstrates a particular advocacy towards a brand. Communicating brand values, and brand positioning will be among the most important activities since they are typically linked to content creation and promotion. Brands are behaving similarly to news sources, continuosly publishing new data, thus marketers need to find brand influencers that know how to create relevant content, while simultaneously expanding the brands word-of-mouth (Buzz).

ROIALTY One Target

Companies specializing in Social Intelligence often share the same perspective on the top influencers within the entertainment, food or fashion industries. This approach is especially geared towards finding testimonials on big campaigns from the top global spenders.  ROIALTY “One Target” is an easy-to-use tool that uses our “micro audience approach” to narrow down and detect small communities. This allows you to find each blog, social profile and user that has any interest pertaining to social and digital advertising.

Analyzing influencers correspondence  and resonation with their audiences provides a better understanding of who the top influencer resonances are for marketers. “One Target” can then identify the interests, passions and behaviours created by social interactions by analyzing in-depth social data in real-time to propose a powerful solution.

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