Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a company’s customer base into sub-category groups according to their similarities. A company’s consumer knowledge database is considered the main asset in establishing a concrete marketing segmentation strategy because that ultimately leads toward a favorable return on investment (ROI).

One Target is one of our four products made here at ROIALTY! It was developed to more effectively pinpoint the target markets of a company. For example, OneTarget has the capability to gather all the public social interactions of a specific audience by creating a customer segment that’s based on social media journeys.

To understand how social intelligence really works, you need to read “Social Intelligence and Customer Segmentation: in order to decode all the interactions! It’s not just about “liking” a page anymore”.

How Customer Segmentation changes when analyzing  social media.

Social Media has adapted in the last few years! Brands are now searching for new solutions to integrate into their CRM data other than information pertaining to users digital and social journeys. Each organization has its own unique strategy and goal for adding additional value to its customer database. Social data enrichment is the main strategy to enhance traditional market segmentation capabilities.

One Target

One Customer enables brands to accelerate the social login process and integrate this data with their CRM by knowing the social interactions of every individual user. This central hub is a powerful tool that incorporates a perfect mix of demographic statistics including: location, age, consumer behavior and interests.

Imagine a big data hub where traditional CRM data is enriched with:

  • Brand preferences, competitors, and market benchmarks
  • Consumer behavior: favorite restaurants, shopping habits
  • Consumer interests: activity preferences, hobbies (music, sports, travel, food, etc.)
  • Preference of sports teams, or tv programs

How to identify target markets through the use of OneTarget?

With One Target it is possibile to identify target market by building segments according to social interactions (comments, share, tweets, retweets, like) made by users with public social media pages or profiles. One Target is a platform that allows marketers to create an audience of users based on specific selection criteria (hashtag, post interactions, tweet interactions, profile interactions). Marketer can then profile a consumer base according to their interests, and integrate that social cluster into their CRM data.

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