Profile your customers

Roialty customer profiling and segmentation solutions help brands enrich their
CRM with the social profiles of their customers.

OneCustomer Features


roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsEnrich your CRM data
Complete your customer profiles with social insights about their interests, passions and behaviors.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsPredict Intention To Buy
Improve your lead generation and spot new potential customers by analyzing their social behaviors.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsOptimize your content
Always reach the right people at the right time with the right content.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsPersonalize your marketing campaigns
Create profile-driven customer experiences and engage users with the most suitable content.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsOptimize your email marketing
Increase your email’s open rates and click through, delivering the right content to the right people.

roialty_onevoice_get-consumer-insightsMake your e-commerce smarter
Bring your recommendations engine to the next level by showcasing the right product to the right person.

elena-aniello-roialtyElena Aniello
Artsana Group

“The Roialty platform has been extensively integrated into our digital presence to offer our customers the best social experience thanks to the micro-segmentation features.”

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