We are all aware that social media is changing the world, in more ways than we can count. The age of Social Media has been on the rise for more than ten years. Here at ROIALTY, we are proposing a way to transform social data in one of the most powerful tools to improve Social Media performance, thus justifying ROI. This approach is revealed by continuously solving, new enigmas, which determine new attitudes for the future.

Big data is a crucial component in the complex data ecosystem! It is composed of likes, shares, comments, and tweets. We normally only think of these as simple social interactions; however this data includes all attributes concerning CRM and the user journey throughout your website. Therefore, it is evident that brands need to acquire these tools to effectively leverage the ability to profile every person.

The opportunity to create an alert to the appropriate authority, every time there are conversations depicting brands, products or services, is a needed tool for success. This principle is the core of Social Listening, which allows us to better understand how an audience interprets specific details of a profile. All of this is done while people simultaneously react in real-time to an event.

If we think on a larger and more strategic scale, we can imagine a scenario where social data represents the building blocks to a fully data-driven society.


How does ROIALTY profile your audience?

Thanks to Social Profiling Solutions like ROIALTY and the tool Social Login, a company can add insights on their costumer profiles, integrating this social data with their CRM data. This allows the company to obtain very useful information that complements the CRM and help marketers personalise campaigns and user experience with their websites and apps.

While Social Listening can be used to mostly create awareness, Social Profiling can be used to generate new leads, boost e-commerce revenues and increase user experience, which will consequently have drastic improvement in the optimization of social media advertising and simoultaneously increased knowledge of the audience. If one knows his audience, one knows what are the contents that probably a specific segment is waiting for. If one proposes the right content at the right time, the opportunity to improve his performance will be major, with a drastic reduction of CPC, CPL and CPA.

It is very important to understand the difference between social listening, social media profiling and identity management. All of them fall in the category of audience intelligence, only the brands that will be able to integrate every part of every singular element of “infosfera” will have the opportunity to achieve the goals planned.