The world of Real Time Marketing is an new opportunity to explore customer engagement: brands make use of contextual marketing to influence consumer behaviour towards products and services.

During our most recent event at IBM Smart Camp, Dario Manuli, Product Developer for ROIALTY introduced our features with a pertinent metaphor: “Brands need to love their consumers!” With the advent of digital social communication, the marketing paradigm has, indeed, changed. Normally we think that the direction of communication is from brand to consumer, now we must comprehend that communication is C2B consumer to the brand!

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How does ROIALTY leverage Real Time marketing to orient consumers towards brands?

ROIALTY segments customers according to their interests and sets up consistent customer experiences along their journey with a brand. Experiences such as personalized content marketing, specific promotions, and value-added remarketing ads boost retention.

We consider real time marketing as a format to profile users from their most recent interactions with the public fan page, brand profile or mobile app. This becomes a means to develop digital loyalty strategies and allow for cross selling.

Customer identity management means that you can now recognize each specific customer in all his interactions with you and this can help you understand their intention and create marketing opportunities. Send a promo to a customer that has interacted with a competitor on Facebook; reward a customer that has just commented positively your brand…

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How ROIALTY uses social insights to build digital strategy

Adding social insights (intestests, passions, media used to consume content) to customer information, ROIALTY allows marketers to gather segment-specific profiles: you will be able to understand what the interests of high value customers have in common and you will be able to build marketing campaigns dedicated to audiences that look like your high value customers.

As we said in our closing pitch at IBM Smart Camp 2016Only when a brand loves and knows its consumers can it build persistent and profitable relations”.