Thanks to Social Interactions every user builds a social profile based on their interests and passions. This is one of the most important “musts” that all marketers need to understand. This is also one of the key aspects that drives ROIALTY’s activities.

My personal concept of social media marketing is influenced by data analysis, digital information, and structured data. We look at customer engagement as a way to build the right marketing activities such as email marketing, loyalty programs, or sentiment analysis.

ROIALTY is a platform that boosts customer profiling thanks to an important feature that is the valued-added component when compared with other customer segmentation platforms: profiling in real time!

We have talked before about the social login and how it improves conversions, but we should also consider the social login as the first step that activates the ROIALTY Platform:

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Facebook’s Custom Audience is one of the most used tools to profile people and create a personalized digital marketing strategy but it’s not the only choice: what are the innovative and specialized features that ROIALTY offers to help marketers maximize customer loyalty, digital engagement, and conversions?

Our solutions are centered on loyalty programs, social intelligence, and customer segmentation.  Let’s take a look at how our solutions work…

The value of social interactions is based on the opportunity to mix social data identified by ROIALTY with the CRM data from the brands. ROIALTY can communicate directly with brand campaign managers with its push notification system.

Real Time Profile Driven Data

When a someone uses the social login to sign up on a brand website, our interests ‘cake’ is starting to form. And thanks to the social login, this cake always has the opportunity for interesting, new ingredients that enrich the final recipe. We can think of the social interests of every user as the ingredients while the recipe is the final segmentation of every user and, when the brand is ready, creating a personalized marketing strategy is the icing on the cake!

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ROIALTY have the ideal solutions for understanding the pertinence of the touch points users engage with and we provide this at the right time:

  • If you are an E-commerce brand, ROIALTY can track the fan pages of your competitors and deliver useful insights: identify high-return events and set the system to execute a specific task when they happen: have you ever dreamed of sending a promo email to a customer that has just ‘liked’ the picture of your product?
  • If you are a physical retail brand, ROIALTY can track the position of all users connected with the brand and activate push notifications!
  • If you are a brand that wants to improve digital loyalty, ROIALTY can build gamification solutions based on specific segments. Every user will have the right mission in terms of pertinence.
  • If you are a brand that wants to collect CRM data and social interactions, ROIALTY will build customized solutions to enrich in-depth data. Easily use enriched customer identity data to build effective clusters, reach custom audiences, and find leads similar to existing customer profiles. Export these lists to integrate into your other marketing tools.

All of ROIALTY’s solutions are supported by a performance model that guarantees an accurate Return on Investment!