ROIALTY has been selected as one of the top four Italian start-ups to participate in the IBM Smart Camp 2016: the Italian final of the IBM Project focused on start-up development!

This event, which takes place May 5th, 2016 in Milan, Italy, will be integrated into IBM Business Connect 2016. Hosting mind-opening workshops and case studies, this event has become the meeting point for CEOs, Digital Marketers and Agencies world-wide.

Over the years, IBM Business Connect has been the hub of workshops and panels in which testimonials, CEOs, and Influencers have demonstrated Case History, Data Analysis, Social Intelligence Platforms and other diverse systems linked to mobile advertising and cloud computing solutions.

ROIALTY is proud to have been selected from among hundreds of Italian start-ups, to be one of the top four start-up teams featured at IBM Smart Camp 2016.

ROIALTY helps brands to monitor their reputation through its Social Intelligence solution, but it is also a startup specialized in Customer Segmentation and Customer Profiling. Over these past few years, brands have found in ROIALTY the ideal partner to develop personalized marketing strategies and the opportunities to advance their goals.

The event will be divided into two parts. In the morning there will be several private mentorship sessions, while in the afternoon, ROIALTY will have the opportunity to present its unique business model in front of the entire audience at IBM Business Connect.

We look at this event as a great opportunity for us to offer our business perspective by highlighting the importance of social intelligence, profiling, and customer segmentation, especially because this edition of IBM Business Connect will focus on cognitive computing. Simultaneously, we are excited to be a part of this event because it presents an opportunity for growth as we will benefit from listening to such speakers as Luciano Floridi, Andrea Rangone and Andrea Fontana who will discuss their views about the evolution and progress of these topics.

Follow the event in real time through the official hashtag #IBMBCIT and #ROIALTY.