I announced in my previous article an important model that provides real advantages for brands: the ROIALTY model is purposefully oriented toward closing the marketing funnel for specific goals and Returns On Investment.

ROIALTY is a platform based on real time profiling that understands and maps the interests, passions and behaviours of a particular audience. In fact, thanks to social login, ROIALTY connects the main information linked to the social life of users and matches this information with interests tracking for comments, likes and shares with public fan pages.

marketing personas

The graphic above illustrates the topic that ROIALTY started developing 8 months ago. We’re talking about Marketing Personas and how ROIALTY is able to collect in-depth data to build deep segments for customers based on interests and passions.
ROIALTY CUSTOMER VALUE CHAIN leverages the four parts of the famous AIDA model used in traditional marketing. Brands create marketing communications to engage users and track interests. Often, these interests and desires lead directly to buying products and services. But with the ROIALTY platform, the Marketing Funnel doesn’t close after the last action of the consumers!

AIDA Model
If you have shown an interest in a fan page with a like or comments, ROIALTY tracks your public interactions, creating a specific profile for every segment of the market.
Interests and Desires are the fields/phases in which ROIALTY captures public interactions to propose its digital loyalty solutions, creating increased opportunities to make a conversion with these two important features: Real Time Triggering and Real Time Segmentation.

We have often talked about customer segmentation and personalized marketing activities.
ROIALTY allows brands to accelerate the social login process: knowing the social interactions of every individual user, brands can integrate this data with CRM. This central hub is a powerful tool that incorporates a perfect mix of demographic information including: location, age, consumer behavior and interests.
Imagine a big data hub to which, in addition to CRM data, is added:

  • Brand preferences, competitors, and market benchmarks.
  • Consumer behavior: favorite restaurants, shopping habits.
  • Consumer interests: activity preferences, hobbies (music, sports, travel, food).
  • Preference of sports teams, or tv programs.

Personalize Omincontextual Channel

REAL TIME TRIGGERING: The right offer, to the right subscriber, at the right time – every time!

ROIALTY platform directly communicates with brand’s campaign managers and marketing automation platforms, enabling operators to create and send engaging campaigns to highly targeted subscriber segments using multiple delivery channels (APP, USSD, SMS, Email, MMS). Thanks to contextual triggers through social data tracking, ROIALTY creates relevant touch-points that can be leveraged for personalized digital marketing strategies. Marketers can engage with their subscribers for optimal cross-selling and up-selling opportunities including: reaching a low balance, trying to access a new service, arriving at a particular location, and at times of high or low usage. For every subscriber, engagement is contextual and relevant. Marketing benefits from increased service adoption, better service monetisation, and increased subscriber loyalty.roialty_values_2016_5-01

  • Create real-time context triggers to initiate offers at the optimal moment.
  • Collect raw data from multiple external sources including: BI systems, CRM solutions, proximity solutions (Bitcoin and processing and analysing the data in real-time).
  • Automatically match the most relevant offers to each subscriber in real-time.
  • Automate the provisioning of new plans and services, providing subscribers with the ability to immediately purchase and activate new offers.


ROIALTY is ready to perform RFM segmentation

Thanks to ROIALTY platform, brands can understand the available opportunities to steadily reach their benchmarks using RFM, a traditional method used for analysing customer value. The following are 3 ways in which ROIALTY allows its customers to leverage in-depth data about specific users and to make corrective actions.

  • High Recency, High Frequency and High Monetary: Reward your most loyal customers and prospects with exclusive email privileges that make them feel special. For example, some retailers automatically offer free shipping and other perks to their best online customers.
  • High Recency, Low Frequency and Low Monetary: This segment includes your newest customers or subscribers. Give them a good first impression of your company with welcome offers, product-usage tips or other information that newbies would find helpful.
  • Low Recency, Low Frequency and Low Monetary: As in direct marketing, your least-engaged recipients simply may not be worth mailing to. But in email marketing e.g., they may be great candidates for a re-opt-in campaign. Double-check whether they still want to hear from you, and remove them from your list if they don’t.

There are many more touch-points to engage consumers. Increasing in-depth data is a powerful method for understanding consumer needs. Integrating this information with CRM will provide a powerful system to build a personalized customer experience based on context and interests for every user: the solutions to increase ROI can be found in loyalty programs and trade promotions, as well as e-commerce pages or transactional emails.