We have often talked about Chicco Club: the Digital Loyalty and Gamification project powered by ROIALTY. There is another important challenge that ROIALTY has just completed that we can also speak about: one of the most widely known global brands, specializing in the sales of diapers, baby wipes and other baby products boosted its loyalty program with a multichannel digital collection initiative that allows customers to engage through a responsive website, IOS/Android apps and via SMS.

The solutions, developed by ROIALTY, give the company 3 specific advantages:

Multichannel Digital Collection: Consumers can now use all digital devices to join the loyalty program. Every moment of the user’s life can be used to track activity on a responsive website, mobile app, or via SMS.
Customer Segmentation: the company gains customer segmentation thanks to Social Login because it unlocks the information base linked to the social interactions of the users, giving insights into their interests.
Lead Generation: The company increases the number of user sign-ups, thanks to the gamified system of member-get-member.

This company is now able to enrich customer identities in real-time with demographics, interests, and behavioral data to build effective targeted audiences to maximize the ROI of its loyalty program.