We are building efficient tools that allow brands to define their target audience for in-depth insights. For brands, media groups and agencies, their main goal is to find the best opportunities to tailor their content strategies for their target audiences.

Buyer personas are a composite sketch of a segment of the target market. Designed to help brands align with specific buyers’ needs and priorities, these personas create engagement that results in a profitable relationship.

Traditionally, brands would rely on customer interviews and sift through database information and website forms to get marketing insights in order to build buyer personas.
With Social Media, it is now a priority to define different targets relating to interests and consumer behaviour. Likes, Shares, Comments and Tweets are crucial parameters for brands to define in creating marketing personas.

Markets are conversations.” says Clue Train Manifesto. Now we can say that these conversations include interests, behaviours, and preferences. With this in mind, it is vitally important to react quickly when a message is posted or when a group of people are discussing a particular idea regarding a topic.

ROIALTY can cluster different targets, monitoring all Likes, Shares and Comments that people make on a public fan page, on Twitter or on an Instagram profile. In this way, all social interactions can be analyzed during a specific time period to leverage the most important insights. This practice can be used to make social intelligence for Brand Reputation fields (Sentiment Analysis and Crisis Management), as well as being a powerful tool to collect in-depth data about interests and to clarify buyer personas.

With its Gamification Solution, ROIALTY builds different editorial plans for brands that are focused on surveys, gamified market research, and social profiling. Adding more information in organic and playful ways becomes not just a tool to gain information but a means to track real-time social interactions that every user has with other public players, brands, and media. Integrating these features into your marketing plan gives you the opportunity to create playful missions for your audience allowing you to extract more in-depth data than your competition.