As we explain in this post, Roialty OneVoice provides real time alerts that allows to identify crisis. But the same feature can be used also to identify business opportunities.

OneVoice real time alerting allows you to exploit semantic analysis to deliver email alerts upon the occurrence of specific conditions.

Let’s see few use cases:

  • An influencer mentions your brands. You can setup the alert triggering conditions based on the number of followers or on specific sources. The real time alert will immediately inform you when a top influencer speaks about and you will be able to quickly connect and join the conversation.
  • Your brand acts in a specific industry or market and you need to quickly react to your competitors’ moves. You don’t need to access any analytics dashboard, you just need to receive an update with the latest contents from your competitive landscape. Roialty real time alerting combines the ease of reading an email with the precision of the contents selection, leveraging mixed criteria such as semantic analysis, sources, followers, locations.
  • You have a campaign running and you need an easy tool that informs you when your audience is active.

The solution boosts the capability of OneVoice, that collects mentions about your Brand, competitors or context/industry and allows to analyze data and metrics both through a reader tool and dashboards.