Roialty has just released an updated version of the Top Influencers dashboard that now includes also the drill-down feature.

Roialty OneVoice collects mentions about your Brand, competitors and context/industry. Data and metrics are shown both through reader tool and charts. In addition, OneVoice offers a useful feature that allows you to drill-down each peak that is visible within a chart. In this way you immediately view some examples of the contents behind the peak.


That means that you don’t have to waste time to switch from charts to reader: you can now immediately check the origin of a buzz peak and understand the reason behind the growth of conversations around a specific topic.


Why the  Top Influencers Dashboard is so important?

The Influencers dashboard allows you to discover which sources that mention your brand or talk about a specific topic can be considered as top influencers. It includes Mainstream sources, Weblogs and Forums, Facebook fanpages and Twitter accounts. You get all the info you might need (such as the volume of posts from each source, the influence rank and the average sentiment), thus being able to understand if:

  • your campaigns originated from the expected sources
  • you engage ambassadors or detractors
  • people is discussing on generalist sources or on specialized ones.