Management of a reputational crisis requires the ability to catch the moment when a problem is arising. The faster you spot critical contents, the faster you can react. Both in case of product complaint, service issue or negative news about your brand.

Not all the issues present the same level of urgency or have to be taken in charge by the same team. Every brand needs a tool that is able to catch critical contents in real-time, automatically set the priority and route them to the right people. This is where OneVoice real-time alerting comes into play.

Our solution leverages different information to deliver real-time email alerts when contents show a sudden growth. Are published from influencer and/or refer to specific hot topics. This helps you to react immediately before the reputation crisis goes out of control.

For example certain alerts can combine the content buzz growth and analyse the identity of each author of critical tweets. Semantic analysis of the bio and number of followers help to identify potential detonating contents.


Roialty has just released two new features:

  • Continuous update: the alert notification already includes a prediction of the potential resonance from the very beginning of the issue. Now it also identifies the real spreading level of the critical content by repeating the dispatch periodically, according to the assigned priority.
  • Location: the alert notification shows a map with the location of critical contents.

Discover Roialty OneVoice and drop us a line to activate your custom alerts.