Beta release: monitor your contents on Instagram

December 11th 2018: Instagram deprecated its legacy Platform API in favor of the new Graph API.

Our Dev team worked hard on this Graph API massive shift and we are now proud to announce that our roadmap includes a series of new features that allow you to analyze the insights and contents in OneVoice, Roialty social listening and analytics solution.

With this beta release, the platform posts published from the Business Accounts are now available in OneVoice WebMonitor module.

This is a feature that can be applied to all Instagram Business Accounts, as access to personal accounts has been significantly limited. Therefore you are able to track all of your posts and your competitors.

The next release will add the feed of comments on the posts published by your Business Account. Comments on posts from accounts that you do not own can not be collected anymore.

Coming soon for Instagram:

  • Analytics module
  • Hashtag tracker

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