We are happy to announce our latest release on OneExperience. The Roialty product that allows brands to integrate in their existing digital ecosystem, gamification and engagement dynamics (such as missions, rewards, points and levels). All with the ability to personalize customer journeys based on the real customers’ interests.

Our solution extends traditional promotions and loyalty mechanics to digital channels thanks to a flexible configurator. It helps you easily manage online competitions, instant wins, draws, points and stamp collections.

With Roialty OneExperience you can manage your rewards catalogue. Here the reward types we currently support:

  • material prizes
  • retail coupons (drive-to-store)
  • discount codes (drive-to-ecommerce)
  • digital goods

But rewards catalogues are not all the same: sometimes to collect rewards, the customer might need to add a monetary contribution or rewards can be delivered in different ways.

Nowadays brands need a tool to easily manage different reward requests and communicate in real time the reward delivery status to customers. And this is where OneExperience new feature comes into play!

The “rewards state machine” can be connected to any external webservice to automatically update the status of each reward delivery. For instance:

  1. the reward is available (the user achieved enough points to unlock the reward)
  2. the user requested the reward
  3. the shipment is in progress
  4. the user received the reward

This is just a simple list of events within the reward lifecycle. Thanks to our powerful “rewards state machine”, brands can now easily define all the stages within a complex delivery flow, and the user will be always aware of what’s happening to the desired prize.