Last April 2nd, Stefano Tonella – Head of Customer Experience Solutions – presented Roialty OneExperience during the first Open Italy Demo Day.

The open innovation program is organized by Elis in partnership with Ernst & Young matching corporates’ innovation needs with solutions offered by Startups, innovative SMEs, research centers, university spinoffs and young talents.

We are proud to announce that Eni gas e luce selected Roialty and during the next 12 weeks our teams will co-operate to build a successful project that meets the expected KPIs.

Eni gas e luce is the 100% wholly owned company by Eni SpA, established in 2017, that provides gas, power and energy solutions for both the retail and business markets.

The project will run on OneExperience, the Roialty product that allows brands to integrate in their existing digital ecosystem, gamification and engagement dynamics (such as missions, rewards, points and levels). All with the ability to personalize customer journeys based on the real customers’ interests. Our solution extends traditional promotions and loyalty mechanics to digital channels thanks to a flexible configurator. It helps you easily manage online competitions, instant wins, draws, points and stamp collections.

Needs & Goals

In collaboration with Roialty, Eni gas e luce will be able to address the following business need:

  • Create new digital ways of engaging and building customer loyalty, alternatives to traditional loyalty card programs

Next step of the program will be the Kick Off days, taking place next September 17th and 18th, where all the Stakeholders will plan and lay the foundations for the new 2019 co-innovation projects. The event will take place at Le Village by CA in Milan.

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