During the last few months we monitored all the active promotions and competitions in Italy in order to identify the most common initiative types. We will publish a series of contents in the next weeks, starting from Instant Win mechanics.


Instant Win

Instant Win promotions are a quick and effective way to engage customers. This type of promotions can be divided into 2 large groups based on the customer activation process: purchase versus registration.


Instant Win enabled by proof of purchase

When the Instant Win is activated by a proof of purchase, the promotion aims to increase product sales and to engage customers. The consumer buys a promoted product and plays the code directly found in the packaging or communicates the purchase details. 

This kind of initiative is mostly applied by FMCG brands to know the consumer and enrich its data. Few brands are still asking consumers to send the code or purchase details via sms, but the most used channel is a private area on the brand website.


Instant Win enabled by registration

Here the main goal is to increase brand awareness. There’s no direct impact on sales, but it’s interesting for aspirational brands or for products that require a large spending, such as cruises or cars.

In both cases, the customer journey can include further actions such as surveys (to enrich consumer data) or multiple answer questions (to keep the consumer engaged). 


Roialty OneExperience – Instant Win features

Purchase-driven instant win

OneExperience generates a promotional code that the consumer receives by buying a product, or by reaching a spending threshold. 


Coop Italia used our Instant win solution for its last initiatives 1milionedi, 2milionidi and Coop70anni: promotional codes are printed on non-winning “scratch and win” postcards given to the consumer every 20 euro of spending or by buying specific products. Consumers can play these codes on a website or mobile app, both requiring registration.

* The first code played, unlocks the opportunity to play digital missions such as surveys, “complete your profile”, express preferences, share contents, invite friends,…

* By completing digital missions, customers are rewarded with new promotional codes, thus being able to raise their winning chances

* The connection of social accounts (on signup or boosted with specific Missions) allows to further enrich customers’ profiles with their interests, thus enhancing segmentation capabilities


Mission-driven instant win

OneExperience allows to setup a series of digital missions (surveys, “complete your profile”, express preferences, share contents, invite friends, connect social accounts,…) that the consumer has to complete in order to receive promotional codes. You can choose to reward consumer with a new promotional for every completed mission or for completing a campaign (series of missions).


Coop Italia initiatives are leveraging an hybrid configuration where the first promotional code unlocks the opportunity to play digital missions and get new codes. With this solution consumers remain engaged for a longer time within the campaign.


Did you know that?

The name Instant Win derives from the feature of informing immediately if the user has won or not. 

One of the game modes is the “winning moment“: the brand decides how many rewards should be allocated during the day, thus defining the time slots when the system will randomly assign the rewards. No one can alter the automatic system, that is designed to allocate all the rewards up for grabs.


A second option allows to define the “winning percentage”. You can simply define that the customer has a certain chance of winning. But you should keep an eye on this side effect: if the promotion is very successful – and this is good! – the rewards up for grabs could quickly finish.