Sit back, and we will tell you a story. Our story.
With the increasing number of social and digital media, brands have access to a huge amount of unstructured data and customers are overloaded with mass marketing messages and get more demanding. Nevertheless most companies are not prepared for this complexity.

And that’s why we funded Roialty, to help brands easily turn unstructured data of no value into lifetime-loyal customers in order to get higher conversions and stronger engagement. We unleashed the power of targeting and personalization by analyzing social data.

In one word: From data to loyalty.


Following this direction, we started a total rebranding process. New logo, new claim, new website and a new awesome video, where we try to answer to the ancestral question: what is data?

Last but not least, we updated our products suite now including:


Roialty social listening and analytics solutions help brands make smarter decision based on real-time insights from social conversations.


Roialty audience analysis and clustering solutions help brands know their target audience, build marketing strategies and optimize their social advertising.


Roialty customer profiling and segmentation solutions help brands enrich their CRM with the social profiles of their customers.


Roialty personalized gamification and engagement solutions help brands boost their loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.