Today, habits and behaviors are changing fast due to the global economy, new connected products, and the COVID-19 virus. According to eMarketer, 47% of US shoppers are avoiding shopping centers and malls. On the other hand, Coldiretti affirms that Italians go 3 times per week to the supermarket for grocery shopping. Brands have to be agile and understand societal changes in different contexts to adapt their marketing strategies and reach customers with relevant communications, services, and products… Today, useful tips come form social media audience analysis Softwares that unlock real-time customers’ insights.

In this article, we present a comparison between Spotify Italy and Audible Italy.’s social media audience realized through OneTarget our audience analysis and clustering solutions. The research lays on 7.000 twitter followers. (Read More).

The concept of audiobooks

Why brands should monitor social media?

Well, the simplest answer is: go where your customers are don’t wait for them to come. Thanks to Roialty brands unleash insightful tips and understand their audiences to gain actionable information from their customers’ behaviors as well as check for what their competitors are doing in the market. And every marketer knows how important it is to know your “enemy”, the surrounding environment and yourself to win the “battle” by delivering relevant market propositions that disrupt the market.

In a world of subscription services where threshold price plays a huge role in consumer’s decision-making brands need to understand users and what they are likely to be interested to develop innovative strategies and combining different services in a single bundle.

Therefore, our research suggests a scenario in which Spotify and Audible create a joint cross-cutting proposal to take over market shares. To do so we identified common targets on which the two streaming giants can work to rapidly to scale up the adoption of new offerings.

Unleash the power of data

Anonimous data are powerful to find out insights about your consumers’ behaviors and interests (IPSOS) as well as predict their future buying intentions especially while physical interactions are absent.

It follows that demographic data shows that between Spotify and Audible’s audiences there isn’t a wide gender difference while age distribution varies. Indeed, data demonstrate that there is an overlapping area in users aged between 25 and 34 years old, so while Audible’s audience is on average over 35 years old more than 40% of the Spotify Italy ‘s audience is aged under 25.


Roialty One Target Dashboard: Demographics data layout  


Simultaneously, over 30% of the sample analyzed shows similar interests in books and literature, society, arts and crafts, business and travel results revealing two overlapping marketing personas: Young Players passionate about motor racing, and Book Lovers interested in society.


Roialty One Target Dashboard: Audiences cluster data layout


Thus, by taking into consideration the two clusters it is clear that the audiences share common interests; information easily understandable thanks to Roialty One Target’s that delivers user-friendly reports instantly actionable by marketers.


Roialty One Target Dashboard: Audiences interests data layout

Co-Marketing Strategies

In a scenario in which Spotify Italy would like to partner with Audible Italy,  what authors and themes could it suggest to its users to be more appealing?

The strategy lays on understanding shared interests between the personas through which Spotify can deliver highly targeted content for new users by knowing Audible’s audiences.

As we previously said, findings define two segments Young Players and Book Lovers. The former demonstrates interests in fantasy and horror books from bestsellers authors, while the latter are more likely to be interested in light readings such as satiric comics and pop culture. Therefore, Young Players are more likely to listen to stories from J.K Rowling, CDComics, Fabio Volo e Stephen King while Book Lovers are more interested in stories from La Feltrinelli, Makkox and, besides both clusters share interests for Fabio Volo.




On the other hand, in a scenario in which Audible Italy would like to partner with Spotify, what music and genres could it suggest to its users to be mere appealing?

Both Young Players and Book Lovers show strong interests in pop Italian singers like Jovanotti as well as the share interests for radios like Radio Deejay, however, if we look deeper into differences, Young Players are more interested in Lady Gaga, Cremonini and Elisa, while Book Lovers are interested in Daniele Silvestri, Fiorella Mannoia and J-Ax. And, Young Players likes Deejay Chiama Italia, while Book Lovers follows La Pina Deejay.




Let’s keep in mind that Young Players are heavy users of streaming platforms, with about half of the segment that follows Netflix.

Currently,  more than 60% of the Book Lovers that follow Spotify are also Netflix’s followers and, only 30% of Audible’s followers also follow Netflix. This insight allows us to believe that Spotify’s users might be more open in adopting a multi-content platform.

Social media data audience analysis is crucial for brands to create powerful marketing personas and improve Customer Experience and targeted marketing campaigns as well as improve the overall customer satisfaction, Co-Marketing strategies, and Loyalty or simply improve media buying strategy and advertising investments thanks to a precise targeting.

By combining social login and an organic data strategy, brands can understand users’ behavior and preferences. Even if there is no direct interaction with branded content, marketers can “map” every user and assign them to a precise marketing persona.

In conclusion, new approaches can disrupt the market and they usually come from lateral thinking. It follows, that Co-marketing initiatives are rising and to reduce errors brands have to find similarities between customer segments of competitors’ platforms to spot which one could be an early adopter of an innovative service or just an adopter of its existing ones.

The table shows the insights and features that Roialty OneTarget offers for your brand.

OneTarget support marketers in analyzing audiences and creating actionable knowledge and it helps brands know their target audience, build marketing strategies and optimize their social advertising.

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