During the first phase of the Covid-19 epidemic, consumer behavior was irrational and driven by fear with queue management software helping retailers dealing with long queues. Now that the situation has changed it is important to understand what data and software help retailers delivering new customer experiences.


New software for new customer experiences

The first area to explore is supply chain management where it is essential to adopt software able to elaborate a large amount of data coming from sales and queue management software to develop predictive models that optimize supplies and predict future trends.

It follows that data form queue management systems and sales combined with predictive models help brands create a just-in-time supply chain and optimize staff management by leveraging real-time and historical data.

With the winter coming queue management systems will be at the heart of the new digital strategies for the retail sector if able to provide real-time insight and metrics such as time bands with the highest attendance or average customer visit time, as well as collect timely feedback.

The race to the best queue management system is just started

To improve in-store value-added services and create new personalized experiences, smart queue management software is more helpful when providing actionable metrics compared to just organizing virtual queues in order to improve customer experience and supply chain management, reduce waiting times by leveraging data like average time spent in-store or hourly access distribution.

Nevertheless, the queue management software market has grown over the past months, we need to understand what data are useful to improve performances without losing focus from our goal: deliver new customer experiences.

Thus, the race to the best queue management system is just started due to the increasing customer’s preference to book their appointments because if before we use to go directly to a store, now we think about whether there is a queue or not.

In this scenario, retailers are reinventing physical stores with digital queues solutions to increase the volume of actionable data and respond to the higher demand of service personalization.

Additionally, many brands realized that by adopting queue management systems they provide customers with new touchpoints that can be leveraged to:

  • Collect new contacts and add advanced analytics to enrich CRM,
  • Involve consumers in interactive and promotional activities functional to the “drive to store“.
  • Gather opinions and feedback to improve services

So, data is constantly helping us and now Retailers have a new touchpoint to deploy in their digital strategies to improve and reinvent the consumer experience even in this historical period that is transforming the way retailers interact with customers.

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