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ZeroCoda is a smart queue management system for Retailers of all sizes. Try the app and join it for free until 30/06/2020

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ZeroCoda is free for all businesses to supprot Solidarietà Digitale

ZeroCoda it’s aSmart queue management solution

ZeroCoda sets specific appointments for clients eliminating the concept of queues

ZeroCoda allows customers to choose and book their store’s visits based on their preferences

ZeroCoda provides 2 customer journeys: physical and digital

The queue management system blends physical and digital experience

Two versions available: Free and Enterprise

ZeroCoda is a software-as-a-service

We provide free and remote set-up and training

ZeroCoda is suitable for Retailers of any size

ZeroCoda is customizable, agile and scalable

Solution Features

Control and forecast

Symplify stores’ management with precise control on incoming flows


Improve collective knowledge by encouraging virtuous behavior

Real-time data analysis

Reduce costs by forecasting attendance in real-time


Help employees protect their well-being by scheduling store entrances

Personalised CX

Unleash the power of smart data to deliver unique experiences

Customer Data Platform

Enrich your CRM data to complete customer profiles

Fixed appointments

ZeroCoda let customers book visits to your stores


Position as an attentive and innovative brand in your comunity

Use Cases

ZeroCoda Retail is the only smart queue management system that provides 2 use cases to let your customers book their store’s visit.

The first customer journey is for who is not into digital technologies and is queuing in front of the store and the other is for digitally-savvy customers who access the booking system through web or mobile app.

The former enables the customer to receive their booking code and time via SMS/Email while queueing without registering. The latter allows the customer to book the service form their devices anywhere and at any time. Thus, Roialty ZeroCoda enables a new customer experience driven by technology although many customers are not familiar with digital technologies.

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Ready to distress your Covid-19 CX?

Roialty ZeroCoda Retail is a cutting-edge platform that innovates the retail experience and protect your employees

Roialty ZeroCoda Retail is driven by the conviction that everyone can play an important role in helping the society during the Covid-19 outbreak. ZeroCoda strives to innovate the Retail customer experience while eliminating queues, contagion risks, worrings and stress for employees and customers due to the changes happening in the Retail customer experience.

Thanks to our know-how in the retail and healthcare reservation sectors we developed an App that reinvent the Retail customer experience because it provides Retailers with a remote queue management system that allows citizens to book in advance their store entrance.

However, ZeroCoda Retail aims to reshape the entire customer experience by combining physical and digital experience, enhancing the benefits of in-store shopping experience and premium services thanks to the integration with Roialty’s Customer Data Platform which provides insightful knowledge on customers to create tailored and real-time campaigns.

Starting from managing queues in supermarkets and pharmacies due to contingency needs the app intends to serve the entire retail secotor helping insurance, banking, telco, and energy provider’s branches providing a smart queue managing system to reinvent their customer experience and to eliminate queues.

Why joining #ZeroCoda Enterprise? 


Customizable, agile and scalable.

GDPR data protection compliance
Extended Experience through gamification
API integration with existing touchpoints
Tailored back-end dashboards
Smart help desk for in-store customer and for software issues
Custumer Data Platform integration
Hyper personalized queue management system

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