Customer Segmentation is one of the most important assets of ROIALTY! We have much to discuss on the importance of social profiling and its correspondence to performance marketing and customer engagement.

One of the key aspects that we haven’t fully introduced yet is the media market center. This center contains countless opportunities to create segments comprised of social data generating professionals, rich in consumer knowledge.

We know brands invest tons of time and money on: display adv, search marketing, direct email marketing and social media advertising. Media center builds brands a specific plan that represents the ideal media mix that will maximize their digital marketing performance.

What are a top brand’s digital adv goals?

Usually brands divide their plans into two specific goals: brand awareness and performance marketing.

The key metrics to evaluating a campaign for a brand’s awareness are impressions, and the reach and viewability a banner or video has on different websites. Performance marketing’s key metrics are quite different and involve: lead generation, cost per lead and sales revenue.

How do brands plan their budget on digital marketing adv?

The answer is more simple and involves tools that are similar to audience intelligence, which shape the user’s journey throughout given websites during a specific period of time.

These downloadable“cookies,” make it possible to build a map of an individual’s journey throughout several websites without violating any of their privacy agreements. Digital Marketing Adv tools allow brands to accumulate big data about their user’s journey through various segments that are then divided into demographics data, interests and online time spent.

What is Programmatic ADV and how can ROIALTY help brands systematically plan and calculate the right time and context to target an audience?

“Programmatic” ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. The traditional process involves RFPs(Request for Proposals), which are human negotiations and manual insertion orders that use machines to purchase ads, basically.

In this article we are focusing on ROIALTY’s Customer Value Chain and how it’s versatile platform allows you to build a unique hub. It primarily consists of a mix between CRM Data and Social Interactions.Customer Value Chain

It’s crucial for businesses and brands to understand how ROIALTY helps media center with marketing persona while mixing the user’s journey and social interactions.

Lets imagine having a huge data hub composed of all your user’s journeys of a specific target audience. How would you segment your target audience fully? It’s simple! The social journey!

ROIALTY, in fact, is the key to tracking social interactions in real time and building segments of people based on their interests. Real Time Bidding e.g. is a real-time primary solution of programmatic adv. Real time bidding is the purchase of ads through real-time auctions, but programmatic software also allows advertisers to buy guaranteed ad impressions in advance from specific publisher sites.

It’s impossible to tell what portion of advertising is now traded programmatically, but it’s definitely on the rise. Agencies are now eager to buy as much media as possible through programmatic channels because of this problem. Some major brands have even built on additional in-house teams to handle their programmatic ad buying as they increase their marketing budgets.

ROIALTY’s Audience Intelligence provides a value-added approach for every brand that considers social interactions to be useful information when wanting to know their target audiences in more depth.