From 9th to April 14th, Milan becomes the capital of design. During Milan Design Week, Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone animate the city with many events and installations.

This month, our observatory analyzes the audience of people following the official Salone del Mobile account.


It’s pretty obvious that this particular audience is interested in design, but thanks to Roialty OneTarget we are able to spot the differences between followers of the event and to identify a series of marketing personas.


First, let’s have a look at demographics insights:

  • there’s a predominance of males (60% males vs 40% females)
  • if we split age by gender, we discover that the majority of females have less than 35 years, while males are older
  • only the 35% of followers are Italian: the international scope of the event generates an international audience coming from USA, UK, India and other countries.


Fig.1 Demographics of iSaloniofficial’s followers


This is the audience interests distribution.

Fig.2 Interests of iSaloniofficial’s followers


Arts and crafts is the interest that shows the higher intensity, but when we apply a filter on countries we discover different top followed accounts.  

Top followed accounts by Italians:

Americans’ top followed:

Clustering & Marketing Personas

Now, we are going to identify marketing personas within our audience: our automatic clustering feature groups people by interests.

OneTarget suggests the following clusters:

  • young people interested in technology
  • middle-aged people interested in home and gardening
  • people interested in society (culture, energy and environment, economy…)
  • mature people interested in books and literature


Why are these insights interesting for events, trade fairs and exhibitions organisers?

A first reason is that an event such as the Milan Design Week is so rich of collateral events and populated by so many stands that a customized itinerary suggestion helps the visitor in optimising his tour.

We could apply the following process to any kind of event, trade fair or exhibition:

  • preliminary analysis that identifies marketing personas
  • thematic maps that show customized itineraries that reflect identified groups

A further step would be the suggestion of the personalised tour directly to the right visitor. This can be done by leveraging Roialty OneExperience product.

Visitors that signup through a social login discovers the itinerary that better matches their interests. This solution generates a win-win-win situation :

  • visitors: optimise visiting time in the most efficient way
  • exhibitors: get in contact the most interested customers
  • promoter: easily collect and manage data about visitors