The statistics are clear: according to research driven by WebHostingBuzz, 86% of consumers are annoyed when asked to create a new account with a username and password on web sites. 77% of consumers view social logins as a perfect solution that makes website access much easier. The social login is the sign-up process for buying products and services or connecting to a website activity as with community websites.

Why is social login crucial for brands rather than using the traditional authentication process based on email and password?

First, the time that people spend on websites grows dramatically: this process allows users to visit dozens of websites per day increasing potential consumer purchase experiences. How tiresome is it to have to remember your email and password for every website, right? Who among us hasn’t forgotten their password and consequently abandoned a website? With social login, brands create a friendly customer journey which increases the conversion rate around the purchase of goods and services.

Furthermore, with social login, brands have access to additional user data, such as his interactions with other fan pages, his posts and his comments.

[Tweet “All these interactions give brands more data and deeper knowledge of the interests of their users.”]

A brand that knows what I like can personalize it’s digital marketing activities to improve the purchase process and to offer a better solution according my interests.

It’s important to consider that there is a certain segment of users that consider the social login as a means of giving away all of one’s personal information to the brand. From the brand’s perspective, it is possible to fight this resistance by showing, in a transparent way, which data will be collected and analyzed and which data will be protected by privacy.

Social Login with Avatar

Today, brands have become a social object and consumers interact with them because they love to identify themselves with their favorites by sharing products on social networks. Another system that helps the process of brand identification is avatars, giving users the opportunity to load a profile image.

Social login lightens the process of auto-determination and contributes to increasing the conversion rate because brands that understand the interests of specific users can calibrate the communication of the products and services in a personalized way for individuals, as well as among a cluster of users.