CMO Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Europe will bring together CMOs and senior digital marketing executives from top companies across Europe. It will take place from September 29th to October 1st,  2015 at The Hague, in the Netherlands. This event will host mind-opening workshops and case studies and ROIALTY is proud to have been selected to be a part of it!

“Something you should know about Lisa” is the title of our workshop, in which we will present our view on social intelligence, customer segmentation and customer experience. We are looking forward to getting in contact with other highly innovative start-ups and enterprises as one of the first steps of ROIALTY’s internationalization strategy.

We are passionate believers in customer segmentation and we have built a platform to take  the next steps: getting a clear understanding of what  your social audience, customers, and prospects look like.

Segmentation and profiling are vital in digital marketing strategies. In the last years the consumer segmentation scenario has been focused on cookie-based tools (Display Advertising, Re-marketing), now the time has come to take  a step further in  understanding in depth who is interacting with you.


“We think marketers are bored  listening  to new ways of  spending  their budget: they want to know how to monetize and get a return on the digital ecosystem they have put together.
And that is exactly where ROIALTY stands out!”

ROIALTY is based on simple truths: modern consumers publicly share information about their relationships, passions, desired products and holiday plan via social networks. Every single social interaction, if timely collected and properly interpreted, is an opportunity to better understand your customers and to get in touch meeting their expectations.

Marketers will be able to create effective, ad-hoc marketing strategies for sharply defined clusters of prospects or customers  –  and we all know that the better the fit between the target and the marketing campaign, the higher the return on investment (ROI).

In the build-up to the CMO Digital Leaders Summit Europe, we will work closely with a select number of senior decision makers to identify the core industry themes.

This summit will be focused on relationships among enterprises, and we have ambitious ideas to engage partners interested in the ROIALTY Platform.

The three drivers of opportunity will be Research, Engagement, and Environment. Click here to find out about the summit program.