Monitor Your Brand Reputation

Monitor how and when people are talking about your brand in real time.

Use: roialty OneVoice


Gain Advanced Competitor Knowledge

Understand more about your competitors and compare your position to the competition.

Use: roialty OneVoice


Find And Engage The Right Influencers

Identify the right people and turn them into advocates.

Use: roialty OneVoice + roialty OneTarget


Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Spend less, better, by creating hyper-targeted campaigns.

Use: roialty OneTarget


Optimize Your Content

Always reach the right people at the right time with the right content.

Use: roialty OneTarget + roialty OneCustomer


Get Consumer Insights

Get significant insights in real-time about any product, topic or content.

Use: roialty OneVoice roialty OneTarget


Enrich Your CRM Data

Complete your customer profiles with social insights about their interests, passions and behaviors.

Use: roialty OneCustomer


Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns

Create profile-driven customer experiences and engage users with the most suitable content.

Use: roialty OneTarget +roialty OneCustomer


Spot New Market Opportunities

Discover target segments and business opportunities by deeply understanding your market.

Use: roialty OneVoice + roialty OneTarget


Boost your Twitter Ad campaigns

Segment your ideal audience and give wings to your Twitter Tailored Audience.

Use: roialty OneVoice + roialty OneTarget


Create Digital Loyalty Programs

Engage and reward your most valuable customers with our suite of gamification tools.

Use: roialty OneCustomer + roialty OneExperience


Optimize Your Email Marketing

Increase your email’s open rates and click through, delivering the right content to the right people.

Use: roialty OneCustomer


Predict Intention To Buy

Improve your lead generation and spot new potential customers by analyzing their social behaviors.

Use: roialty OneVoice + roialty OneTarget


Make Your E-commerce Smarter

Bring your recommendations engine to the next level by showcasing the right product to the right person.

Use: roialty OneCustomer


Drive to Store

Catch your customers with the most relevant promotions and drive them to your store.

Use: roialty OneCustomer + roialty OneExperience


Maximize Social Engagement And Performance

Measure and optimize your social media strategy and determine which of your content and campaigns work.

Use: roialty OneVoice + roialty OneTarget