The Italian Social Banking Forum is dedicated to the Social Banking System and Customer Care in Italy. Every year the event sheds light on the state of the art in this sector. The event is organized by the Social Minds team in collaboration with Digital Marketing Lab and on October 1st, 2015 the third annual edition will take place at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

Social Minds, a research collective that compiles and analyses data from social media, has collected data from the past 3 years on the Social Banking System. Digital Marketing Lab is a digital consultant agency that promotes brand’s digital culture and will be active during the forum.

The event will bring together senior digital marketing executives from the top Italian banks across Italy and ROIALTY is proud to be the technical research partner.
Several new topics will be discussed at the event this year, the first being the 4-step social media model.
Social Minds has built a model that outlines 4 vital steps in the development of relationships between banks and their customers via social networks:

1. Awareness: building a solid reputation through social media presence and communication strategy.
2. Engagement: giving the users greater influence by engaging them in constant dialog.
3. Caring: focusing on consumers is fundamental to create brand awareness and improve digital loyalty.
4. Conversion: promoting products that are appealing to the target audience and use of creative digital strategies to drive “lead generation”.

The focus will be mainly on Social Customer Relationship Management and Social Customer Care because, according to Social Minds, “ Customer Care” is an important way to create value for the brands.
ROIALTY Platform is the technical research tool that is being used to focus on the semantic analysis of conversations and social presence measurement.

In his speech, Vieri Emiliani, ROIALTY Product Innovation Director will explain how the social intelligence platform will analyse the online conversation. ROIALTY’s OneTarget module goes beyond web reputation, defining the sentiment and understanding how the brand is perceived by its audience. Using the semantic tracking of topics, conversations and other types of interactions it is possible to discover the needs of the audience, showing an analysis of the top Italian banks (Banca Popolare Etica, BNL, Deutsche Bank Italia, CheBanca!, UniCredit, Webank, Widiba) in terms of social presence, Social CRM systems and the difference among several “care” approaches toward clients. The final results of this informative research will be disclosed during the event.