On January 20th the new COOP Instant Win Contest has been released on Roialty platform. The first day we’ve already seen more than 20k registered users and an extremely high engagement rate.

Roialty OneCustomer provides social login integration and users’ profile enrichment through the analysis of social media public interactions.

Roialty OneExperience enables the usage of digital missions that boost the enrichment and validation of users’ profile data (surveys, multiple answers questions,…).

Promotica is the main service provider for Coop Alleanza 3.0. Roialty platform API have been selected by Promotica engineering team to develop a customer experience app thought as a vertical solution for the retail industry. This approach allowed Promotica to leverage Roialty social profiling, gamification and digital loyalty features and therefore being ready to quickly deliver an effective solution to one of the top Italian retailers.

The Contest will be online till March 18th and Roialty is expected to provide valuable  customer insights and conversion power on more than 1.2 millions of registered users.

“Roialty & Promotica joint venture has been the first successful implementation of a new partnership model in our market strategy” – said Maurizio Ferraris ROIALTY CEO – “We will set up other partnerships providing Roialty as a licensed development framework. We are here to help existing service provider that lead specific vertical industries in each country. We can boost their digital transformation and product innovation providing a competitive, agile and cost-effective platform-as-a-service that is easy to integrate and deliver globally.”

For more info on our Partnership program, mail us at info@roialty.com.