We’re super excited to announce a new partnership with Wunderman Thompson Italy . They will leverage the full Roialty platform to get audience insights, to enrich crm, to create digital loyalty programs and to get real-time insights from social conversations.

“We are proud to have Wunderman Thompson Italy  joining our Partner Program” says Stefano Tonella, Roialty Head of Customer Experience Solutions. “They have a strong team dedicated to data analysis and customer experience design. We are more than happy to support them in finding the best clusters and engagement strategies for their clients”.

“Thanks to the data we collect daily through Roialty as technology partner, our clients know their customers and prospects, their consumption habits and their preferences, and they also know how to talk with customers and take care of their needs. In a world of overwhelming abundance, relevance (more than personalization) is key to win the customer’s heart.” says Michele Caruso, Wunderman Thompson Italy  Head of Data & Customer Experience.


OneTarget, Roialty audience analysis product, allows Wunderman Thompson Italy to:

  • Find and engage the right influencers: Identify the right people and turn them into advocates.
  • Optimize contents: always reach the right people at the right time with the right content.
  • Personalize marketing campaigns: create profile-driven customer experiences and engage users with the most suitable content.
  • Maximize social engagement and performance: measure and optimize social media strategy and determine which of your content and campaigns work.
  • Get consumer insights: Get significant insights in real-time about any product, topic or content.
  • Spot new market opportunities: discover target segments and business opportunities


OneVoice will be used for sentiment analysis and web/social listening with advanced XML profile.


Finally, with OneExperience and OneCustomer Wunderman Thompson Italy is now able to:

  • Create Digital Loyalty Programs: Engage and reward most valuable customers
  • Setup gamification for customer engagement: Social profile based gamification and customer experiences to engage target segment.
  • Enrich CRM data: complete customer profiles with social insights about their interests, passions and behaviors
  • Personalize marketing campaigns: Create profile-driven customer experiences and engage users with the most suitable content.


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